The Ultimate Love Song Playlist

Thanks for coming to Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer)! We couldn’t have done it without our lighting designer, Emma Lockhart-Wilson, some outside eye feedback from Carly Young, Nathan Harrison and Jules Patey, helpful 90s-bangers encyclopedia Sorie Bangura, APRA’s Jesre Stenson, and our original operator Maddie Lapstun. Bonus thanks to Antoinette Barboutis for putting us in touch with our builder Colin Emmerton. Sound design, set design, video editing, script, choreography and everything else was by Bonnie Leigh-Dodds & Tom Hogan. Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer) was made in conjunction with the podcast Missing Richard Mercer which you should listen to, obviously. (iTunes! Spotify!)

Please, in your own time, absorb this playlist. Each night audiences submit their favourite love songs, and as soon as we find one that needs to be on the list, we’ll add it here for your listening pleasure. A lot of these songs feature in the show, and a lot of songs should feature in the show but we couldn’t include them for various reasons (scripts, dramaturgical purposes, rights, and so on). You can follow the complete playlist on Spotify or stream direct below!

Enjoy the ultimate love song playlist!